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How Much Could You Reduce Your Purchase Price?

Reduce the Cost of a Digital Billboard with the Watchfire Advertising Plan

Digital billboards purchased as part of our innovative pre-sold advertising program offer billboard operators the opportunity to save on the purchase price and kick off their project with advertisers already on the board.

Through the Watchfire Advertising Plan, billboard operators can save tens of thousands of dollars on purchasing a new board, just by opting into the program. For example, a billboard with a traffic count of 100,000 vehicles daily could be eligible for an immediate incentive of almost $60,000*.

Save money upfront and make use of perishable inventory by participating in the Watchfire Advertising Plan on your next project. Let us tell you how much you could save by requesting a free site analysis.

Hal Stevenson with Grace Outdoor says, "The Watchfire Advertising Plan was intriguing because the incentive lowers the purchase price of the digital billboards and it creates a way to introduce small business, who may have never used outdoor advertising, to being able to utilize our medium."

Let us help you maximize your revenue potential. Your free site analysis will provide you with incentive details and terms. Fill out this form to get started.